We love being married, it's the best. Which means that we get pretty excited when we hear from other couples who are leaping into that amazing adventure together. We love to build new friendships and create beautiful images together. Each wedding is different from the last and it excites us to see how each one will unfold.  With two of us behind the lens the whole day (two sets of eyes and feet) we document the day genuinely and unobtrusively. We are storytellers.

On a wedding day we work with available natural light, allowing us to faithfully capture the atmosphere and feel of the day. So don't worry, we don't have big scary flashes! We want you to feel as relaxed as possible and have the time of your life, because that will make for the best day, memories and photographs.

We are based in Wellington but travel for the majority of our weddings so we would love to hear from you regardless of whether you're local, elsewhere in New Zealand, or planning to elope to the Middle East. We'll join you in the beginning of your adventure, wherever that may take us. 

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